Welcome to our website.We are the largest Previa Dealer in the U.S.No other dealer has more than one.We have 8 (eight).After 36 years of selling other mini vans and used cars, we have found that there is no other vehicle to compare to a Previa.The useful life of the average American-made mini van is 100,000 miles.Toyota dealerships have statistics that they never had to rebuild the engine in a Previa with less than 400,000 miles (unless someone did something foolish, like run it with no water or oil). 
Golden Toyota Previa
Grey Toyota Previa
Brown Toyota Previa
When we sell a Previa we get calls years later from customers who say they put 30,000-50,000 miles on the vehicle and its been great.I never ever got those calls selling any other vehicle.
All our Previas go through a 66 point check before sale.We are very certain we are selling is good,dependable,vehicles and are proud of our Previas.
The Previa is the gold standard of minivans.All of our Previas are bought locally.They dont use salt on the roads out there.None of our Previas have any rust what-so-ever.
3 dr. mini van
1997  Toyota Previa  AWD / LE / SC    $6850 Model : 1997 Toyota Previa AWD / LE / SC $6850
Color : white
Year : 1997
Mileage :
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